What is ISCCW?
The acronym ISCCW stands for Invasive Species Control Coalition of Watersmeet. Locally we are known as Watersmeet Lakeguards. Our organization is made up of private citizens whose purpose is to protect the environment of Watersmeet Township from invasive species. We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.
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ISCCW  Poster
The Education / Public Relations Committee designed a poster about the ISCCW which can be used at conferences, meetings, etc. to increase public awareness of the ISCCW and what it"s trying to accomplish.
Future Plans

The ISCCW (Watersmeet Lakeguards) plans to continue Michigan's statewide "Clean Boats, Clean Waters" program and train sufficient volunteers to monitor public boat landings in Watersmeet Township. Volunteers will also be trained to help survey lakes for invasive species. The organization will increase public awareness through the use of informative placemats in restaurants, labels on bait containers and articles in local newspapers. Our portable boat washing rig will continue to be present in key locations within the Township, demonstrating to area boaters the importance of properly cleaning their boats prior to transporting them from one body of water to another. Finally, additional funding will be sought through memberships, donations and grants.